Sustainability Approach


Transformative programs are about transforming Suzlon_Sustainable_development_Collagethe business practices – to be more responsible and ethical. We work with business units to integrate sustainability perspective in the way business is conducted. This requires changing polices and mindsets and setting operating guidelines. The purpose is to treat the root causes and also to demonstrate that transformation is possible. Changing the way the land at wind farms is used so as to reduce the impact on environment by implementing initiatives such as rain water harvesting, fodder development, etc. – is an example of Transformative CSR.


Responsive programs are implemented to offset the impacts of the business. Any business however green would still have some negative impacts – CSR studies them and makes plans for offsetting. This requires engaging various stakeholders in the process. Examples of responsive programs are livelihood, soil and water conservation, plantation, waste recycling, health and education, forming and strengthening community based organizations and civic amenities initiatives.


Proactive Programs go beyond business boundaries and contribute to the sustainability context in which business is conducted. Addressing global issues such as climate change, disaster response and international cooperation fall in the category of proactive CSR programs.