Short term unpaid Internships at Suzlon Foundation (SF):


As an Intern, an individual has the opportunity to work in a well defined and structured project and gain valuable insights into the working of Suzlon Foundation. This can help an intern gain practical exposure of the CSR function in an organization contribute effectively towards general responsible business initiatives and community development in particular. This program is open to high school students over 18 years of age, undergraduates, graduates, master students and anyone else who is interested in doing an internship with SF.


The internship will be for a minimum period of 2 months.


Selection process will be initiated only after receiving the CV and a placement request from the potential intern or the academic institute. Selection for the internship program is subject to individual showing evidence of strong interest to work in this sector, adaptability and a keen desire to work and learn in an open and intense environment and possessing good working basic knowledge of MS Office (Word, Power point, Excel etc.) or an equivalent software package.


This is a non paid internship. Interns will take care of their personal expenses.

If you wish to apply or learn further details, kindly write to