CSR Policy


The Suzlon Group is one of the world’s leading Suzlon_CSR Policy_Collagewind turbine manufacturers providing wind energy solutions. The journey of powering a greener tomorrow began for Suzlon in 1995. Apart from being a technology leader, Suzlon prides itself in championing the cause of sustainable energy thus creating a lasting and harmonious environment.

Suzlon philosophy is to pursue social, economic and ecological sustainable development of the planet. Suzlon believes that the only way to predict the future is to help shape it.

The product itself is a wind energy solution and being a renewable energy asset it plays an important role in providing energy services in a sustainable manner and in mitigating climate change.

Suzlon believes in creating value for all stakeholders within the business operations value chain. Stakeholders include but are not limited to local community, environment, employees, customer, vendor, suppliers, government, non-government organizations and civil society. For Wind turbines being installed in remote rural windy areas, employees, community and environment are the key stakeholders.

The Suzlon CSR goal has been outlined based on the above guiding philosophy. The strategic and implementation approach are articulated to achieve the CSR goals.

The Suzlon CSR policy has been framed to steer the identification, prioritization, implementation monitoring and evaluation of business impacts on the Financial, Natural, Social, Human and Physical capitals, and the initiatives to prevent, offset or proactively address them, as appropriate.

Suzlon is committed keeping sustainability at the forefront. Suzlon under its corporate social responsibility framework believes that sustainable development can be ensured only by continually and responsibly enhancing meagre resources – financial, natural, social, human and physical – for the benefit of business; and by offsetting the impact of business on these resources.

CSR in Suzlon is based on the premise that business and its environment are inter-dependent, and the organic link between them should be strengthened. A higher degree of sustainability can be achieved in business by balancing growth in all aspects of development – financial, natural, social, human and physical. Suzlon’s CSR strategy is to create win-win situation for the communities, environment and other stakeholders and at the same time contribute to the achievement of Millennium Development Goals. It has mandated Suzlon Foundation to implement its CSR programs with gender just approach.

Therefore Suzlon’s CSR goals are:

  • Having minimal impact on the natural environment
  • Enabling local communities to develop their potential
  • Empowering employees to be responsible civil society members
  • Committing ourselves to ethical business practices that are fair to all stakeholders.

So that we can, collectively contribute towards creating a better world for all. Suzlon is committed to invest its resources to achieve these goals.

Suzlon intends to:

1. Execute the goal through three types of CSR programs :

Transformative programs that ensure that there is minimal negative impact of the business on its surrounding.

  • Continual improvements in business practices and procedures from a sustainability perspective, so that there is minimal harm to the natural, social, human, physical and financial Resources around it. Initiatives shall include but not be limited to policy formulations, improving practices around energy/waste management, health and human rights.
  • Employee Involvement for creating awareness among the employees about sustainability issues. Influencing their attitude and behaviours towards sustainable development. Initiatives shall include observance of national, international days and volunteering time, skill and funds for environmentally and socially meaningful activities.

Responsive programs to offset (even potentially) negative impacts and optimize the positive impacts of business on its surroundings (Annexure-I). Focus will be on the five capital resources.

Proactive programs to contribute towards global development issues and sustainability, by going beyond business boundaries, e.g. combat climate change/ global warming, natural disasters and promote peace and harmony.

2. Focus on sustaining five capital resources -

  • Financial
  • Natural
  • Social
  • Human
  • Physical

3. Carry out interventions under five thematic thrust areas –

  • Environment initiatives can be through (e.g.) plantation, water shed development, access to government schemes for improving, rejuvenating and conserving the natural resources.
  • Livelihoods initiatives for enhancing livelihoods of disadvantaged communities can be through (e.g.) projects for encouraging self-help, capacity building, livestock development services and micro credit support.
  • Education initiatives can be for (e.g.) improving literacy, quality of primary education, vocational and life skill training.
    Health initiatives can be through (e.g.) access to primary treatment, health awareness and commodities for holistic health, not merely absence of diseases but ensuing physical, social, psychological and spiritual well being.
  • Civic Amenities initiatives for improving availability and access to amenities and services essential for any community to realize its potential; e.g. sanitation, electricity, housing, transportation, insurance and public distribution systems.

4. Implement CSR using empowering approaches by institution building and strengthening.

5. Collaborate with government institutions, corporate, civil society, industry associations and any other organizations to foster  sustainable development.

6. Encourage employee volunteering and involvement.

7. Integrate sustainability perspective within the companies’ value chain.

8. Work towards making institutions, interventions self sustaining.

9. Use participatory multilevel monitoring and evaluation.

10. Align with the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and the National Development Programs.

Suzlon CSR is about going beyond legal compliance and holding ourselves accountable to higher ethical standards aligned with our values. It is about sustaining the planet, people and profit.

Date:      30th May 2014                        Tulsi R.Tanti,
Chairman & Managing Director.


State Suzlon Sites Neighbourhood Villages
Seemandhra 2 17
Daman 1 7
Gujarat 10 126
Karnataka 7 73
Kerala 1 4
Maharashtra 13 88
Madhya Pradesh 4 28
Rajasthan 12 89
Tamil Nadu 13 118
Total 63 550